You Are Already There

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Everything you want to be you already are. Most things you lose sleep over may never happen so accept your reality, worry less and stop complicating life.


you are already there


Agonizing about the future is as natural as breathing. We do it intuitively without a conscious thought as to whether it is good or bad for our mental state. We constantly compare ourselves to others, stress over problems (real or unknown) and worry about what’s next. All of this makes us feel unhappy and inadequate.

So you decide that when you get this job you will be happy. Or once you find the love of your life you will be fulfilled. Maybe if you hit the lottery you will no longer have money troubles. The next move will be your best move and your problems will go away. But with this mindset, the next move will always require more moves.


you're already there


We forget that our journeys are unique to our own. Our social media addiction forces us to believe we are never good enough because everyone appears to be doing better. But maybe you need to stop scrolling, go outside, read a book and fall in love with yourself. When we constantly focus on others we lose control.

I used to compare myself to my friends and colleagues. I wanted the respect from my peers to validate me and I believed that when the next thing happens that’s when I will be happy and free. But then I realized that the unique me is enough, seeking validation is a trap and the present moment is the only point in time that matters.


you're already there


You’ll never be able to appreciate your reality if you aren’t willing to let go of the wrong reality. You can’t allow other people’s perceptions to define you. Here are 5 tips to implement today which will allow you to worry less tomorrow.


Be Positive


You are in control of your attitude so be optimistic. Being positive boosts your self-confidence and helps you think outside the box to seek out new opportunities for growth. Positive thinking reduces stress, helps you feel better about yourself and improves your outlook on life.


Be Less Materialistic


Your life is too important for you to be wasting time chasing material possessions. The more money you get, the more you feel inclined to step up to get even more ‘stuff.’ Obtaining material possessions are fine, but it’s the underlying motivation makes all the difference. If you’re intentions are pure, go for it!


Embrace Change


Change trains you to be flexible and not be so stuck in your ways. And you don’t need to make changes all at once. Start small and make gradual changes which will help you create habits that stick and last for a long time.


Be Grateful


Wake up every morning with a smile on your face and express gratitude for being the person you are at that moment. Being grateful helps to ground you and show you how fortunate you truly are. You no longer worry about  what you don’t have or what’s to come, you are just thankful for where you are and what you have.


Live with No Regrets


Having regrets only builds up anxiety and panic about the present and what tomorrow may bring. Let go of the “what ifs.” Learn from your past mistakes and experiences, and don’t allow them to cloud your present. Try your hardest to be happy, treat people right and let go of the things you can’t control.

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