Go Broke Traveling

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I will go broke traveling and therefore I will never be broke. I flew for the first time when I was 21 and I haven’t been the same since.


go broke traveling


When you travel, you take a break from your routine and allow your mind to explore. Your world opens up to different cultures, new people, places and experiences. Traveling can be expensive but doing it provides you with so many invaluable memories that make you richer. 

I remember taking my first flight and feeling so overwhelmed. Right before take off I was on the phone with my late grandmother and we both said a prayer. As I looked out the window and the plane ascended higher in the sky, I quickly realized I had more to offer the world. 


go broke traveling


I will never forget being in Mexico and wondering how the valet attendant was the nicest person that I ever met in my life. He didn’t have an expensive car or a big house, he appreciated the opportunity he was given and lived and loved life to the fullest. 

I started late but once I flew for the first time, I was hooked. I learned I had a passion to learn new cultures, build new friendships and see new landscapes. Yes it may take a few dollars to see it all, but every time I experience something new, my mind and my ability to earn more expands. 


go broke traveling


Enough about me, here are my 5 good reasons why you should go broke traveling.


1. Traveling builds self-confidence


If you haven’t done so, travel solo. Aside from facing your fears do anything alone, you allow yourself to be yourself. You learn how much you are capable of and how much more you can do when you face new circumstances and encounter new situations.


2. Traveling takes you outside of your comfort zone


Doing the same thing week after week and sticking to your roots can be draining and dull your spirit. Traveling allows you grow and stretch yourself in different directions. Plus you learn the most in uncomfortable, unfamiliar situations.


3. Traveling helps put life in perspective


A good trip will energize your soul. Often you get caught up dwelling on the past and worried about the future which causes stress and anxiety. Traveling allows us to escape this feeling and live in the moment. 


4. Traveling makes you more creative


One of the only times you are truly relaxed and not worried about daily grind is when you travel. Travel makes you more open minded and when you see new creations, it taps into your subconscious and makes you want to implement the creativity in your own life. 


5. Traveling gives you a sense of accomplishment


Why do you work? Planning and finishing a trip gives you the satisfaction of making a goal and accomplishing it. You work as hard as you do to eventually take a relaxing vacation to say that it’s all worth it.

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