7 Reasons Why I Try To Do Yoga Everyday

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One of my goals going into 2019 was to incorporate yoga into my workouts. I never imagined I would be doing it everyday and even practicing on vacation in places like Bali, Indonesia


yoga everyday

Ten years ago I tried yoga by accident. I was a realtor showing a property and the seller had a studio in her home. My curiosity got the best of me and I took a class. Instantly I was hooked. I enjoyed the physical challenge but more importantly appreciated how it helped me better connect with myself


During that time I played flag football all year round. If you’ve played before, you understand it can get pretty physical. As a result I got minor injuries. But the year I did yoga, not only did I not get hurt, my body felt great. I practiced for a year and a half before I gave it up.


yoga everyday


For the past ten years I told anyone that would listen about the importance of yoga. But why wasn’t I doing it? Finally this year I decided to get back into it. I wasn’t sure where to go or how I would begin, but it was going to happen. If I was to continue growing as a person, yoga had to be apart of my life. 

I work out everyday as a commitment to an active and healthy lifestyle. My workouts last between 30-35mins in order to be consistent. I figured incorporating yoga would improve my flexibility and posture, which I struggle with. Yoga classes are an hour long so I decided that one class per week would be enough.


yoga everyday


I started yoga classes at Anatomy Midtown in Miami, Florida in February 2019. The yoga instructors there are so awesome and each has their own unique style. One class a week turned into several classes a week. Every time I took a day off, my body suffered. So my philosophy of no days off lifting weights turned into no days off practicing yoga. 

Yoga helps me feel better about myself. Doing the breathing exercises, learning the postures, and meditating inspires my mind, body and spirit. Yoga builds my strength, improves my flexibility, and increases my awareness all at the same time. 


yoga everyday


I lift weights and do cardio to look and feel good. I practice yoga is to feel good, reflect and prepare for my future. Old age is a bitch. Yoga is considered to be an anti-aging activity, capable of relieving symptoms and in some cases improving medical conditions. 

Yoga helps me to be in the moment and encourages positivity in my life. Although flexibility and posture are my problem areas, I focus more on meditation and spirituality. In time, I hope to reach my body’s full potential. 


yoga everyday


When I started yoga I could not touch my toes. I still can’t touch my toes but I’m getting close. Here are 7 reasons why I try to do yoga everyday.


1. Great Workout

I’ve seen ‘really strong people’ struggle doing yoga. Yoga improves your strength in a more calm and holistic way. It combines cardio and muscle training and can be done at your own pace. 


2. Increase Flexibility

Yoga allows your body to move through a range of motions. Daily yoga practice helps shape and tone muscles. It improves muscle memory and once your body has been in certain positions before, you realize you can go further.


3. Sleep Better

Yoga is hard but very relaxing especially during Savasana. It improves breathing and helps you sleep longer and fall asleep faster. Yoga encourages slowing down the mind which helps with resting. And it’s proven that better sleep improves your quality of life.


4. Mindfulness

Yoga and mindfulness go hand and hand because both help achieve a higher level of awareness. Daily yoga quiets the mind and helps to cultivate a deeper understanding of self.


5. Reduce Stress

Relaxation has been proven to prevent unforeseen events from stressing you out. The poses allow you to stretch out areas where a lot of stress is built up.


6. Improve Focus

When you practice yoga, things slow down. You keep distracting thoughts away while you focus on your body, breathing and poses. Yoga helps with being in the moment and thinking of nothing else other than being on your mat. 


7. Live a Longer, Healthier Life

A daily yoga practice encourages improved self-care and healthier living. Yoga prevents breakdowns of the body by taking your joints through a full range of motion. Plus yoga increases blood flow, improves your balance, and ups your heart rate.

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