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Brian Bernard Turner aka BBT is a family man, explorer, serial entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of BOTY, which is a technology company that creates channels of communication and engagement at the bar. Brian earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing in 1999 from Bowie State University. And he received his Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Finance from the University of Baltimore in 2001.

Brian and wife Dawnta dressed at T’Challo aka Black Panther & Shuri

In addition to running BOTY, Brian is the co-owner of Right at Home Southern Maryland for over the past 8 years. Turner has experience working in corporate America and spent some time in the federal government as a Sr. Financial Risk Analyst. He also ran a successful real estate company for over 10 years.

hey BBT‘ is a podcast show where Brian discusses any and everything about life. He gives the listeners a practical, real and raw perspective of the world from his third eye. Turner is a DJ and plays music on the show while responding to questions and comments in a honest and colorful way. Click here to ask him anything.

hey bbt podcast

Brian is born and raised in Washington, DC and currently resides in Miami, FL. He is an excellent communicator and crazy enough to believe he can change the world. He is an effective leader looking to help people maximize their productivity and potential. Turner is a big picture thinker and creates processes and procedures that aligns with life and business goals.

Bryce representing Austria and Bria representing Spain for International Day.

Family comes first before everything with Brian. He is happily married and the father of two amazing children. Brian is a Libra , loves to travel with his family and is an avid reader. He desires to be a minimalist, hates stress, and believes the simple life is the best life. Turner seeks balance, true freedom and independence, and wants to share what he knows with anyone who will listen.

There’s society, then there’s reality.


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