Why is Positivity So Frowned Upon?

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We’re sold the idea that if you think positive, positive results will follow. And many people swear  by positive thinking, but are they really helped by it?




We all know those people who are always smiling and saying or posting motivational quotes. It can be so annoying, but why? It’s easy to forget that happiness is a choice. So when we interact with someone who appears to have figured it out, it can be frustrating and seem unbearable.

Some people believe that aspects of negative thinking helps you avoid failure. It helps us prepare for future obstacles by putting strategies together to overcome them. When we are always positive, we tend not to consider negative outcomes, which isn’t helpful at all. But it’s important to understand that being realistic isn’t being negative, it’s being honest about what’s in front of us.


Other people believe that being negative can strengthen our focus. Negative thinkers can figure out solutions before the problem even appears. Not being so positive can help us think more critically, which intensifies our senses and improve our results. The reality is nothing goes straight up in life as their will always be bumps along the way. So embracing positivity while understanding something may be hard helps us to appreciate the tough and good times.


Being a negative thinker and a realist can go hand in hand. Negative thinkers can not only spot the problems but opportunities as well. They know how to brush aside all the positivity to see what’s actually happening. But what happens when the negative thinker achieves the results they desire? The negative energy will keep them unsatisfied and always wanting more. The positive thinker with the realistic mindset will appreciate all of the challenges thus magnifying the successes.


The truth is negativity is dangerous and contagious so it takes effort to shift our energy towards being more positive. Positivity is extremely important as it produces a stronger work ethic, increased inspiration and a better outlook on any situation.

Here are 3 tips on how to stay positive even in negative situations.


Hang with positive people who are honest


The people who we are surrounded by helps to influence our thinking and outlook on things. Positive relationships do result in happiness and the right ones help us feel better about who we are. And even when they are honest and we don’t want to hear it, they respect our feelings and are patient with us.


Build up your self-confidence


Use affirmations and feed your mind with positive thoughts and encouragement. It’s important to understand that nothing good or bad happens to us, it’s how we perceive things that determine whether things will work out for us or not. Every negative experience is a lesson to learn, improve and grow.


Be grateful for what you have in this moment


Give thanks continuously for every good or bad thing that happens. Even if things don’t go as planned, find something or several things to feel grateful for. Oftentimes we chase after the things we truly don’t need. When we practice a life of gratitude, it will help us focus on what matters most.

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