Who Leaves Dog Poop on the Ground?

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People need to learn that their actions affect other people. So when your dog poops and you don’t pick it up, always remember it’s not just about you.


dog poop


Welcome to Miami


I moved to Miami in July 2015 with my wife Dawnta, two kids (Bryce and Bria) and dog named Sundae. Sundae was 5 at the time and very sheltered. When we lived in Maryland, we resided in suburbia and had a big townhouse with a patio in the back. All we had to do was open the back door and Sundae would go out and do her business. We would walk her maybe once or twice a day and it was very rare to see other dogs. All of this would change when we moved into a hi-rise condo in Miami.


Parks & Other Dogs


One of the things we loved about the new place was that we had a trail that we could take the kids to the park and walk the dog. We didn’t have to worry about them crossing the street or worrying about cars so this was great. We knew once we moved to a condo that we couldn’t just let Sundae out on her own, we had to do some work. In addition, we lived in a pretty big building so we would always see other dogs. It was the best of both worlds for Sundae. She would get outside more and could interact with other dogs.


My Workout Partner


I had a routine at the new place. Wake up at 5am, walk Sundae by 5:15am and go to the gym by 5:30am. Basically my dog was my motivation to go to the gym everyday. With this plan I would finish at the gym by 6:30am, cook the family breakfast and be ready to leave the house by 8am to drop the kids off at school and head to WeWork. Plus walking Sundae this early was great because very few people were up at that time so I could get that out the way without worrying about Sundae getting into it with other dogs. Like I mentioned before she was sheltered.


Watch Out for the Poop


Things were great until I had to walk Sundae after I got home from work. It wasn’t just that it was more dogs out and I had to deal with Sundae barking at everyone, it was the fact that I had to dodge poop everywhere I went. It was really bad. The poop came in all shapes and sizes.

When I got home, the kids and the dog would both run up to me. And what that meant was it was time to go to the park and walk the dog. So I would tell Bryce or Bria to get the leash and put it on Sundae.  As soon as we got downstairs to the trail to walk to the park, the main phrase I would yell out is, “watch out for the poop.”


Inconsiderate People


The great thing about the trail to the park is that it has plenty of bag stops and waste bins. And the bag stops are always filled up. So for there to be so much poop on the ground, that led me to a few beliefs, people either suck, they are inconsiderate or both. It is estimated that a mind-blowing 40% of American dog walkers don’t pick up after their dog. People are inconsiderate for many different reasons. And it’s good to know so you don’t get pissed at the world the next time you or your kids step in poop.


They Hate Constructive Criticism


clean up poop

Some people are overly critical of themselves and suffer from low self-esteem. So when another person (or sign) offers advice, they get overwhelmed and pushes their self-esteem even lower. These same people feel the need to hide challenges in their upbringing and react negatively if you suggest they have a weakness.

This type of person suffers from bad days very often. They ignore the million signs that states ‘clean up after yourself’ so when some old lady falls in the poop they left, they’re conscious will be negatively impacted and their self-respect will take an even bigger hit.


They Hate That You Disagree With Them


Inconsiderate people think that if you disagree with them, that you are the enemy. So therefore they won’t get their respect or attention. They only see the world through their own eyes. Some people cannot separate disagreement from personal dislike.

This type believes it’s me against the world. They don’t clean up no poop because they hate the system anyway. This person is never happy and don’t have many friends.


They Believe Poop is Good for the Environment


Some believe that poop is natural so it should seep into the ground and given back to nature. But dog waste can take a long time to decompose and can be bad for the soil. Their poop can contain parasites such as whipworms and roundworms, which is contagious to both humans and other animals alike.

This type is both an idiot and a know it all. They are too dumb to research the risks of leaving waste behind and a smart ass because they believe they are brighter than Google.


No One Will See, No One Will Care


One just assumes that since no one else is going to see it and since no one lives near it, it’s not going to bother anybody. There is a detachment from societal norms. And even if there are environmental consequences of their actions, they won’t pick up poop in any situation.

They believe the problems in life will solve themselves. They never donate to a charity, volunteer, or give back to their community. Other people see it and hate that you’re not considerate enough to scoop the poop.


clean up poop on the ground


I live in a new community with a very small area for the dogs to poop that includes plenty of bags and waste bins. Cleaning up poop is similar to putting paper in the recycling bin. It is just the right thing to do. People are busy and so many choose to pass on doing what’s right. I have been known to pick up other’s poop and will continue to do so to keep my community clean. But for those who can, you should follow my lead and always scoop the poop.  

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