Why Not Read More?

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Everything that you want to do in life can be found in a book so why don’t we read more?

why not read more


Reading is Fun


Some may say that reading is boring and not stimulating. But I wonder if that person is really reading and applying. I wonder because if a person reads books that will help them to learn more, be more successful, and ultimately grow as an individual, there is no way reading can not be entertaining.



A Whole New World


Reading opens your mind to a whole different world. It helps you to look beyond your current surroundings, whether it is in your house, neighborhood, or school. Reading helps you to say you can be someone great even if you do not see these great figures around you everyday.


Learn Anything


Pick up a book and read about whatever interests you. If you constantly read books on a subject that you are curious about, you will eventually become an expert. Once that happens, people invest in you because they know you are the guru and know what your talking about. It has been said that you can earn a living from anything you like to do.

why not read more

You may think you have a fascinating idea that no one else has thought of, but in most cases it’s not that unique. And if you do have a unique idea, I’m pretty sure books can act as a guide to implement your plan. You do not have to reinvent the wheel. There are proven success principles and all can be found in a book.


Read for $$


So many people complain about not making enough money, but they will not put for the effort to learn how to be more effective on the job or how to run a successful business. So many people will complain that they can not make any money in investments. They will make the point that they tried that before and it did not work. But I wonder if they took the time to learn how to invest. And learning how to invest is an ongoing process that take years and years to understand and many mistakes are made along the way. So picking up one book won’t be the end all be all. You have to be commit to lifelong learning.

why not read more

It’s amazing that people play the lottery everyday in hopes of getting rich quick. They spend $10 a day for a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of winning. Instead of using that $10 for a lottery ticket, go to Amazon.com to buy a book. I learned that Amazon is one of the cheapest outlets for books. If you are not sure which books to read, ask BBT!!



Anything is Possible…with a Book


Remember, WE ARE CAPABLE. Despite the best educational materials available, despite years of knowledge about how to accomplish any task, we choose to say,

“I can’t do that”
“I don’t know how”
“There’s no one to show me”
“I’m not smart enough”
Most of this can be attributed to early childhood from parents saying,
“That’s too much to handle. Let me do it for you”
“Maybe next year you can try when you get older”

BUT, if you think you can do it, know that you’re capable, understand that if someone can do it, so you can; and if you don’t know, you can learn or someone can teach you, YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT IN LIFE.

why not read more

Remember that reading may not warrant instant results. It takes time to learn, but with the effort, you will reach your goals eventually if you have a plan. Remember, if you want to earn more, learn more! And if you want to be better, learn to do it through a book.


*Revised from a January 14, 2014 blog post

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