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True happiness doesn’t reside in owning things, it dwells in the soul. So before you think I am glorifying a material possession, read on.


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The 2018 Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 aka the ‘G Wagon’ is a five-passenger SUV equipped with a seven-speed automatic transmission and live axles at both ends. It has full-time four-wheel drive, a two-speed transfer case and three locking differentials, and it can tow over 7,000 pounds. Do you know what that means because I don’t?


G Wagon


See I’m not a big car guy. I purchased the vehicle because when I saw it as a kid I fell in love. I could care less what was under the hood, I appreciated how it made me feel seeing it on the road. You rarely saw G Wagons growing up young, black and broke in Washington, DC which made them that more appealing. And the owners I did know were all drug dealers. So even though I had no plans to sell drugs in my future, I decided I would get my own one day if it made financial sense.


“Whatever is good for your soul, do that”  — Unknown


Uber Everywhere


It was all or nothing for me. Either I buy the G Wagon or I drive my wife’s car and Uber the rest of the time. We sold our 2011 Nissan Rogue in early 2018 and toughed it out with one vehicle over the next several months. We’ve always had multiple vehicles so it was a challenge to have just one. But we sacrificed and things worked out. Once I sold my business, I knew I would get my wife a new car but wasn’t sure if I needed a different one of my own.





I like to think of myself as sort a minimalist. My definition of a minimalist is using your time wisely and focusing on what brings you the most joy and happiness. Minimalists prioritize value over things and focus on freedom over money. I don’t need much and as long as I am in control of my time, I am winning in life. So you’re probably thinking, why did I buy this expensive truck or feel the need to write a blog about it?


Delayed Gratification


Well I don’t need the truck. I put myself in a position to get it so I got it. Years were spent building businesses facing a ton of adversity and developing a mindset to have autonomy over all aspects of my life. During that time I learned to embrace the concept of delayed gratification. I learned the importance of patience, being consistent, being persistent and always being thankful no matter what. Whatever I want in life is achievable with a plan, maximum effort and a lot of resiliency.


What Really Matters


I know this vehicle won’t bring me happiness. The reality is the excitement will eventually wear off. And the risk of buying bigger becomes wanting more and more isn’t always better. Plus the focus on acquiring things is a distraction from focusing on what really matters, which isn’t a freakin truck. The reason why I do things should always trump the how and the what. I try to question why this or that is my goal and spend more of my energy on experiences and not things.



Love Yourself


I bought the truck for me and me alone and that is an experience in itself. I believe you have to begin to love and reward yourself. It may sound cliche but if you do that, everything will work itself out. Instead you fail to celebrate your successes and continue to chase higher goals and more stuff. And as a result you don’t enjoy the moments and never reach a state of happiness because you’re left always wanting more.


“Follow your soul it knows the way”  — Unknown


It Feels Like a Tank


No matter how short-lived this feeling may be, I love my 2018 Mercedes-Benz AMG G63. When I open the door it feels like I am entering a vault and when I close it it feels like I’m hopping inside of a tank. While on the road, I feel uber safe and secure.

This blog is not about the glorification of a material possession, it’s about the realization that the impossible is achievable. As a poor kid my options were limited and over time my options have become limitless. My dreams were always much bigger than having cars and owning a G Wagon is a bonus.




I am no athlete, entertainer, politician or drug dealer. I didn’t inherit anything and I’ve never accepted handouts. I spent years developing my mindset and my craft as a small business owner and felt I deserved to get something special for me. It all goes to show that you can have whatever you want in life if your vision is big enough. And it feels fulfilling owning something without breaking the law or relying on others to get it.

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