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5 keys to winning in life

winning life
Brian Turner @brianbturner


Marie Simmons taught me to avoid complaining, be thankful for what I got, and always treat others right. These principles help me to keep winning.


winning life


I wake up everyday amazed about my life. And it’s not about what I got, it’s about how I feel. Yes my family is amazing, I love where I live and I’m motivated by work. But no matter what happens, I expect a positive outcome because of my faith.

winning life

Yes I have bad days, and of course people can piss me off. But overall i am happy, inspired, and always determined to improve. My life is filled with unique experiences, where I meet amazing people all over the world. This spiritual journey is magical and my very own fairytale.


The Move

winning life

I moved to Miami in 2015 for a change of scenery and to break out of my comfort zone. I quickly realized it wasn’t going to be easy. My businesses slowed, my friends were gone, money was tight and I was in major disagreements with important people in my life. It all hit me at once like a bag of bricks. But I loved being in the warm weather and I was motivated by my goals. Although I was uncomfortable, I kept a smile on my face and I was hopeful of what’s to come.

I realize that struggle is apart of the journey to achieve anything worthwhile. So I expect it and laugh at the problems when they happen. I believe we are supposed to live each moment consciously in our own way. We must own who we are and share our experiences with others. Growth takes time and it’s specific to you. We must try, make mistakes and try again in order to figure out what matters most.

One of my favorite songs right now is is ‘I Got That’ by Anthony Brown & group therAPy.  Amazing song and message.



“Now you understand why I keep my head held high, even on the worst of days

I might call for the night but, joy comes in the morning, trouble don’t last always

Please don’t let them tell you, what you cannot do

Just because it’s never been done

You just let them watch you do what they cannot do, and just tell them, my God won”

 Anthony Brown & group therAPy. – I Got That


My grandmother Marie Simmons passed in 2006, but she instilled in me so many principles that I will share in a later blog and podcast. For now here are my 5 keys to winning in life.


Embrace Positivity


Watch what you read, what you watch, and what you say. It all matters! Cut off the news, read more self-help books, limit social media, and practice affirmations.


Take Risks


If you don’t fail, you don’t learn. You must take risks and that makes life and the lessons it teaches you so rewarding. If you can’t sleep at night thinking about it, it’s something you must do. If you’re scared, good!


Always Have a Plan


I don’t get discouraged because I always have a plan to achieve something greater than me. You should keep a goal that stretches you and don’t give up on it no matter what. You don’t have to achieve it tomorrow. Be patient, be consistent, and it will provide you motivation to keep smiling as you chip away at it.


Own Your Time


Lost time is never found again. Before you know it, you will be old and about to kick the bucket. While you are here, embrace the moment and enjoy the ride. And that’s hard to do when everyone controls your time for you. Whether you are an employee, or an entrepreneur that works too many hours, put a plan in place to have more time for yourself.


Do What is Right


Be honest and have strong moral principles. It’s in our nature to want to help others. But we make mistakes and beat ourselves up because we are not perfect. Embrace your dark passenger and accept the choice to change. When our intentions are good, we can look in that mirror and be okay with what we see. And that matters to winning!

winning life

I got more keys to share in later blogs. If you have any tips to winning in life, please share!

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