Having a Baby? Hire a Nanny

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Top 5 reasons why to hire a nanny

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Brian Turner @brianbturner


We must hire a nanny if we are going to have a baby. After back and forth discussions with my wife, we agreed to interview nannies once we had our first child.


top reasons hire nanny


There is no way around it, childcare is expensive. So the idea of hiring a nanny is unimaginable for some since it’s pricey compared to day care or family child care. But research shows that more American families prefer a nanny to other childcare. But why?

I talked to everyone who had kids and read several books like Brain Rules for Baby in preparation to having my first child. The conversations and books were resourceful, but I accepted that we were clueless on how to take care of our soon arriving little angel. We needed help and my research was pointing in the direction of hiring a nanny.


top reasons hire nanny


The first few years of life is critical for physical, intellectual, and social-emotional development. Although day care was more affordable, we wanted our child to have one on one care and interaction because this gives children a deep sense of self worth and security. So although hiring a nanny was a little outside of our budget, we were prepared to sacrifice financially in order to better support our child in the early years.

We were very fortunate to have a lot of assistance. Both of our families were more than willing to watch the baby as much as we needed. But they had their own careers and lives to manage. We were extremely grateful but didn’t want to be a constant burden. We both worked a lot so it was important for us to have additional help around the clock.  


top reasons hire nanny


Finding a nanny can be a very stressful and frustrating process. But if you take your time and find the right one, it will pay off dividends. A nanny is a trusted and trained individual who is a member of your team working towards the same goal. Nannies offer a ton of convenience since they work in the home, which helps ensure the total well-being of the child.

So although hiring a nanny may be the more expensive option, there a tons of intangible benefits to consider. Here are my top 5 reasons to hire a nanny.


1. Your nanny is a role model


A good nanny shows children positive emotional and social behavior. Children learn from watching, listening and imitating and who better to follow than the person they spend the majority of their time with. Nannies are parents, professionals, teachers and caregivers which make them a very important role models to your kids.




2. Your nanny makes your family stronger


It takes a village to raise a child. If you both work, it may make sense to pay for help. The right nanny allows you to let go and trust them to raise and educate your kids when you are not around. When you are confident about the caregiver in your home, you can focus on your relationship and career while getting quality care to your children at the same time.


3. Your nanny eliminates the need for a babysitter


The right nanny is fully invested in your child’s development and progress. Most nannies are full-time and in many cases spend more time with the kids than you. So when you do the much needed date night, you eliminate the need to call a casual babysitter to watch the kids while you go out.


4. Your nanny offer several advantages over day care


Nannies work around your work schedule. If your child gets sick, they adapt which offers you more flexibility and peace of mind. Your child is also guaranteed to have more one-on-one attention versus being one of many kids at the day care.



5. Your nanny becomes family


If you relocate a nanny can turn into that extended family member. They love spending time with your children just as much as you do. Nannies spend the majority of their day watching your kids with little adult supervision and the right one can turn into a relationship that lasts well past the employment.

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