Why You Must Start a Business?

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Don’t do it! It’s too risky, it takes a lot of work, and you may fail. But what if I told you you will have to be your own boss in the future?


must start a business


The Future is Now


The technology-driven world we live in will require it. The future involves advances in automation and artificial intelligence aka robots. These technologies do make our lives better, but they will replace more and more of the current jobs. Of course jobs won’t completely evaporate, but if people don’t have the skill-sets required for the new roles, people will be out of work anyway.


The Robots are Coming


The robots are coming! You have to learn how to think for yourself before the machines are thinking for you. The rise of the robots is real for everyone of all shapes and sizes. They can drive cars, create art, compose music, replicate language and even stop bombs. Can you do that? They will replace you in the workplace, but they can’t replace your mindset to be your own boss.


must start a business


Your Passion Matters


Aside from the fear of automation and technology, you must start a business for your own well being. By the way, I don’t think you should make decisions based on fear.

The future is here and it’s important to understand what is coming and why you must act. Plus I’m sure you are passionate about something in your life. Starting your own business can be daunting, but it’s required to eliminate your fears and attempt to be fulfilled which does matter. You are good at something and by turning it into a business you will find life to be more enjoyable.


Learning Curve Expands


Once you start a business, your learning curve grows. We are naturally lifelong learners and nothing accelerates our ability to learn more than starting a business. There is no rule book to being your own boss. There are plenty of books you can read to improve as a leader. And you can listen to every podcast and attend all of the conferences. But your individual experiences being an entrepreneur will be unique to you. You will learn like never before and will start to love the idea of always learning something new. That’s what life is all about!


Today is a Good Day


You will wake up everyday motivated. There is nothing more exciting than living with purpose and following your dreams. Even when things are not the best, you will feel so pumped to strategize and solve problems. As you mental muscle starts to stretch, you will be eager to take on the next set of challenges. You start to realize that Mondays are the best day of the week because it’s the perfect time to reboot and have a fresh start to achieving all the goals you set.




You become fearless in a world driven by fear. Taking a risk on yourself is scary. It takes a lot of courage to give up what’s safe and easy and venture into the unknown. Becoming your own boss will free you from your self-limiting beliefs. You will constantly be confronted with problems that you and you alone have to figure out.

So you start to fear nothing and you become more daring, causing your comfort zone to keep expanding. If you’re a natural introvert like me, being an entrepreneur helps you not be scared to make cold calls and approach random people. You become accustomed to figuring things out and making things happen.


Doer > Talker


You focus shifts from being a talker to becoming a doer. There is not a lot of fanfare in running your own business. Sure you may get an award every once in while depending on what type of business you run. But the reality is you have to solve problems because that’s what you have to do to keep the business going. A lot of people talk the talk, but you actually walk it like you talk it!! You can’t make promises and not the deliver, you have to deliver and keep going. Your actions bring your ideas to life. That’s awesome!!


More Decisive


You will become more decisive. No one tells you what to do. You may have advisors like an accountant or a lawyer, but they follow your lead. When you create something, it’s an amazing feeling. You had the vision and you were able to accomplish the goal on your own. Well you gotta have help, but you get my point. You eliminate all self-doubt and you know you can achieve anything even in your personal life. You make decisions independently and you learn to always trust your gut.


must start a business


Create Jobs


You are doing your part to help the world. There is no greater feeling than knowing that you are responsible for the success of others. Your hard work and sacrifice gives employees the opportunity to earn a living and provide for their family. And as you become a more effective leader, you can teach them how to lead and build their own.




Freedom is ultimately why you must run your own business. You have the autonomy and the independence to experience life without anyone telling you how to do it. Freedom gives you more control over your life which helps you to feel empowered to live your life in the ways that you want, rather than being controlled by others. Being an entrepreneur means determining when you work, how you do it, and what you focus your efforts on while your doing it. If that ain’t awesome, I don’t know what is.  

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